Re: input type=file

Larry Masinter (
Mon, 10 Apr 1995 16:00:57 +0500

You asked (on html-wg, not actually the right forum, thus the redirect):

> BTW, where/how does one register new URL `scheme' names? A couple of
> people have asked me if iphone://foobar or cuseeme://blort would ever
> become a reality.

Right now, the URI working group is suggesting that people write
internet drafts describing their new URL schemes and discuss them on
the URI mailing list ( Eventually the URI group needs
to come up with a better registration procedure; if you have a
suggestion for such a registration procedure, please make it on the
URI mailing list.

There was quite a bit of discussion on the 'mailserver' URL, for

For some kinds of resources, it isn't reasonable to pack everything
needed to access the resource into a single URL-like string; in those
cases, the way one usually handles this is to make a link (http: for
example) to a resource whose mime-type is a sesson description.

You retrieve the session description object, and then launch (via
.mailcap) the helper application that interprets the session
description by initiating the session.

I think this is a difficult design choice. Currently, most web
browsers are more flexible about adding more media types than they are
about adding new URL schemes.