Re: Why Mosaic

Patrik Berglund (
Sun, 2 Apr 1995 06:50:22 +0500

On Mon, 27 Mar 1995 wrote:

> |>My question is: Why does people use Mosaic when Netscape is better and
> |>can be obtained free all over the net?
> Because many people are unable to run it on their machines (such as me). And
> others are unable to read Netscapes small text on a dark grey background
> (also me).

Why don't they use a larger font, then? It _can_ be set to different
fonts and sizes.

> The question you should ask yourself is why do people use Netscape when Arena
> offers far superior layout, including maths and has done for a considerable
> time?

When can we expect to find a usable version of Arena? A version that requires a
zillion parameters on the command line is rather annyoing to use. AND it would be
nice to either have preferences-option inside the program, or a settings-file. (I
didn't say I didn't like Arena - I do. But there are a couple of features I miss
from Netscape)


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