Re: HTML3 browser for VMS

lilley (
Thu, 16 Mar 1995 06:14:16 +0500

jjjones - SIO Technologies Corp writes:

> HTML3 browser client for VMS.
> Is one out there? Who's working on one?
> NetScape doesn't have a VMS client yet that I know of, and ARENA appears to
> only run on UNIX/X11 so far.

I would suggest waiting until the source for Arena is released, then porting
that. I suspect the multi-threaded stuff should port fairly cleanly onto the
Posix threads in OpenVMS; you may need to watch out for 32-bit-isms as I doubt
the code will be 64-bit clean (? Does Arena have an AXP OSF/1 port? If so
that problem should be taken care of.)

In the meantime, you could look at the multi-threaded version of the W30
common code library and see how that ports to Posix threads.

Suggest you mail the Arean team marked attention Phill Hallam-Baker, who
will be able to give you a considered opinion about how readily the code
will port to OpenVMS. I think Digital have finally moved from X11R4 to X11R5
so there should be few problems there.

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