Re: HTML3 browser for VMS

Henrik Frystyk Nielsen (
Fri, 17 Mar 1995 04:04:25 +0500

> I would suggest waiting until the source for Arena is released, then porting
> that. I suspect the multi-threaded stuff should port fairly cleanly onto the
> Posix threads in OpenVMS; you may need to watch out for 32-bit-isms as I doubt
> the code will be 64-bit clean (? Does Arena have an AXP OSF/1 port? If so
> that problem should be taken care of.)

Both Arena and the Library of Common Code supports a 64-bit architecture.

> In the meantime, you could look at the multi-threaded version of the W30
> common code library and see how that ports to Posix threads.

It is important to notice that the threaded model used in the Library of Common
Code (and hence Arena, Line Mode Browser etc.) is completely platform independent.
It uses one process, one stack, and one set of registers and hence it does even
run under msdos/windows. It does not require POSIX threads or any other thread

BTW: I have now a TEST VERSION of a windows port using WinSock. It is available

Documentation of the threaded library can be found here as well.

Comments are welcome!

-- cheers --

Henrik Frystyk