Re: Telescript information (was: Web Scripting Languages)

Steven D. Majewski (
Wed, 8 Mar 1995 02:47:29 +0500

On Tue, 7 Mar 1995, Prentiss Riddle cited my page of TeleScript info:

> Pointers to technical info on Telescript (some only on paper)

That is part of a collection of material about agentware and component-ware
( OpenDoc, SOM, OSA, ILU, CORBA, ... ) that are included as part of my
notes on a restricted/safe execution environment for Python which we
diiscussed at the Python Workshop at NIST last November.


( Some of the necessary hooks are implemented in the currently testing
beta version of Python. )

I haven't had time to update or reorganize the info on that page lately
( there's a lot of stuff just dumped into the /Misc subdirectory! ), so
I'll post the latest batch here:

[ And I'll reserve my comments on some particular proposals and problems
for a later post. ]

There is a software agents mailing list that has been somewhat
inactive while being moved from a Lookheed Listserv to one at
Sun, but from its charter, it would seem the appropriate place
to discuss agent programming languages (TeleScript, safe-tcl,
etc. ) and protocols and compare implementation tricks.

Subscription address: <>

With a home page and archives at:


There is a lot of links and papers on Intelligent Agents at:

Ralph Becket's page on Intelligent Software Agents:

Tim Finin's page on Software Agents:

Andy Wood's page of Software Agents:

The AI world uses "agents" for a number of different things including
programs like Coach or MicroSoft's BOB - which I wouldn't consider
"agents" in the strict sense, but much of the research IS relevant -
especially in the area of how agents can interact and share information
with each other.

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