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> Another base worth looking at, if only for comparative purposes, would
> be General Magic's Telescript. I haven't been able to find any
> technical descriptions of Telescript, but it appears to have been
> written with just this sort of problem in mind and (if its backers have
> their way) may before too long have an installed platform base of a few
> million users. If it catches on, some sort of WWW-Telescript
> interoperability will be very desirable. (Pointers to more information
> on Telescript would be appreciated. The best reference I've found to
> date is Wired 2.04 p. 102.)

There's nothing like revealing my ignorance to make information pop out
of the woodwork! The sixth general WWW index I tried, Lycos, finally had
a few hits in a search for "Telescript". Here are the most illuminating:

CJ Silverio's informal General Magic page

The official General Magic corporate home page

Pointers to technical info on Telescript (some only on paper)

Article on intelligent agents from The Economist (14May94 pp 87-88)

The General Magic home page includes references to two mailing lists,
MAGICCAP for users and MAGICDEV for developers.

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