Multiple submit buttons
Tue, 7 Mar 1995 15:27:40 +0500

I've found multiple submit buttons to be very useful for a number
of applications where the fact that not every browser implements
them is not critical - for example, I used them to sequence slides
for my DCI/WebWorld presentations [much easier than using hyperlinks,
there's just a list of slides, which is very easy to manage..].

I'm also using them to create a menu, at the bottom of the page
accessed via my sig.url; again, this technique makes it Real Easy
to manage a menu, and avoids image downloading, etc... However, I
fear it won't work for all browsers (in this case there are other
ways to reach those links..). I'd be very interested in getting some
feedback about which browsers it doesn't work for, and v.v.

If there's sufficient interest I'll publish the Perl code for those
two applications, here or at the WDVL.

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