Re: ITU T.171

lilley (
Tue, 7 Mar 1995 14:46:30 +0500

Yuval Shahar writes:

> Apparently there is an ISO standard dealing with hypermedia

There are several, and more coming out all the time ;-) All the ISO
committees want to do multimedia!

> (13522), which I was unaware of until it was recently submitted to
> ITU SG8 (as a draft rec for T.171).

What is the title of this ISO standard? It sounds like it could be MHEG
from your description.

> Has anyone in www-land studied this document in the context of the Web? Is
> anyone aware of conforming applications?

Not me.

> Does anyone have a URL for HyperODA (the ODA extensions for hypermedia)

Oh come on, ODA is a Dodo.

> and SMSL (the ISO hypermedia oriented scripting language)?

Heard of it, not used it. If you are interested in the interaction between
ISO-standards and The Real World ™ I suppose you have looked into PREMO?


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