Netscape 1.1 and Accept: headers

Brian Behlendorf (
Sun, 5 Mar 1995 22:00:17 +0500

I just downloaded my copy of Netscape 1.1 beta 1, very happy to see them
exploring with tables and other 3.0 features in a mostly standard way.
However, I was very dismayed to see that the Accept: headers did *not*
include something indicating it was HTML 3.0-ready, like text/x-html3 or
text/html; version=3.0.



<font size=7>PLEASE</font>

..if you are writing an HTML 3.0 browser, indicate that in your Accept:
headers, so those of us with content-type-negotiating servers can dish
out HTML 3.0 documents to HTML 3.0 clients and HTML 2.0 docs to HTML 2.0
clients. I can *not* underscore how important this is, especially when
it's soooo easy to do. Thank you.