Re: two-way communication in html

Adam T. McClure (
Sun, 5 Mar 1995 16:35:02 +0500

James Gwertzman
> I'm worried that in the discussions on interactive HTTP people haven't
> been sufficiently concerned with bandwidth or server load. I'm
> currently researching wide-area WWW caching schemes (more than just
> campus proxies or client caches) so I'm very attuned to issues that
> might affect this. Querying the server every n seconds is not only
> very inefficient, but even a mildly popular site would quickly become
> overloaded.

Many of these concerns have already been aired on this list and it
might behoove some new members to go digging through the list archives
a bit to see what has already been explored. However, the implementation
proposed is somewhat new and is fairly simple to implement. I think
the critical point of Chin's suggestion is that it does not involve
polling the server every 'n' seconds for anything but rather initiates
a short-duration UID that is used for interaction between a client and
server using http. If we look at it from that perspective, many initial
concerns that have been raised should be amply satisfied.

I would still welcome news of contributions in the area of WAN caching
as Mr. Gwertzman has already recognized how important such schemes will
be in the development of increasing WAN content.

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