Re: two-way communication in html
Sun, 5 Mar 1995 12:23:11 +0500

> I'm including the attachment below for any discussion or comments.
> It does not have complete details but should be sufficient to give an
> outline of the approach. Let me know your comments, suggestions,
> criticisms, etc either through emailing to me (
> or discuss it over this list. Flames will be happily absorbed to cook
> my eggs :)
> Chin Chee-Kai
> -------------------------- BEGIN OF INCLUSION ---------------------------
> == The Problem ==
> While braving the odds and plunging into writing a WWW-based
> MUD-style interactive pager, I ran up the same difficulty due
> to the "monodirectional" nature of HTTP protocol.

the http protocol is not monodirectional. It's use with browsers
like the Mosaic derivatives may exhibit a monodirectional behavior but
that is not the protocol. We have http clients running in Excel and
Visual Basic that are certainly not monodirectional. Browsers are only
one model for http clients, MUD clients could be another.