Re: two-way communication in html
Sun, 5 Mar 1995 11:53:16 +0500

> Time has come to make http interactive! Say what?
This seems to come up from time to time. Also seems to die
fairly quickly. I'm not sure what is being proposed in the
current thread.

1. Interactive html? Interacting with what? User? Browser?
2. Maybe interactive browsers? How so? Modifying content of
html stuff in the browser?
3. "make http interactive"? Hmm... I'm busy reading a document
when a (sic) server decides to interact with my browser.

Under current protocols browser developers are free to make their
products as interactive as they wish. Netscape will interact with
the user while carrying on its communication activities in the
background. Interactions can certainly be extended but they will
also have to be explained and understood. Having a document that
I'm reading unexplicably change as I'm reading would be most
bothersome. Raising a flag to say "I'm obsolete" might not be a
bother. The problem's not http or html, it's the human interaction.