Re: Submit button in forms revisited

Mike Meyer (
Wed, 1 Mar 1995 15:41:43 +0500

> > Well, the only other ones I know of that run on more than one OS are the
> >linemode browser (no forms support), and emacs-w3. I think there is one
> >VMS specific browser, and one VM specific also, but I've never seen them.

I missed the start of this, so I'm not sure what "Run on more than one
OS" means. We tried to sell our changes to NCSA X Mosaic to make it
run on the Amiga back to NCSA, but NCSA seemed to have political
problems attached to even admitting that it existed.

I think the results would have been like the linemode browser - it
builds from one source tree with conditional code and a couple of
OS-specific interface files, and runs on more than one OS.

This not quite Emacs-w3, where the results of a "make" can run on more
than one OS.