Re: Submit button in forms revisited

Rick Troth (
Wed, 1 Mar 1995 13:21:01 +0500

> Well, the only other ones I know of that run on more than one OS are the
>linemode browser (no forms support), and emacs-w3. I think there is one
>VMS specific browser, and one VM specific also, but I've never seen them.

Somebody's been doing pretty well on his homework! (I'm impressed,
Bill; keep it up) There are actually >two< VM browsers, Charlotte,
from Carl Forde at BC Systems in Victoria, and Albert, from David Nessl
at the University of Florida. References can be found in the page at

[convincing pitch for Emacs-w3 omitted for brevity]

>-Bill P.

Rick Troth <>, Houston, Texas, USA