Re: Submit button in forms revisited
Mon, 23 Jan 1995 04:34:58 +0100

Darren New writes:
> > Just that lynx is a tad out of date - is anyone even working on it any
> > more?
> Is there another text-only browser that's better? I think Lynx does a
> pretty good job in that respect.

Well, the only other ones I know of that run on more than one OS are the
linemode browser (no forms support), and emacs-w3. I think there is one
VMS specific browser, and one VM specific also, but I've never seen them.

Emacs-w3 supports all of HTML 2.0, and the only things from HTML 3.0 not
implemented are the MATHs, and a few little things with the tables support
needs to be fixed before I release it for general consumption. I also
threw in support for all of the netscape extensions, as well as a few put
out by the Pythia people, as documented on their web site.

Emacs-w3 also runs under XWindows (with the ability to do inlined images
and mpegs if using Lucid Emacs or XEmacs), NeXTStep, Windows (3.x, Chicago,
and NT), VMS, Amiga, and OS/2. It will also run on Macintosh and DOS in
local mode (I've heard rumors that it can now do networking on the
macintosh, but I haven't confirmed this yet - my access to Macs is rather
limited here at SPRY :).

It has a persistent disk cache that has a few advantages over netscape -
no FAT file being one of the big wins. It can also import a netscape cache
area into itws own format. It is more along the lines of Arena's cache -
/tmp/$USER/http/com/spry/www/index.html, etc. Can use netscape or XMosaic
global history lists, and XMosaic style hotlists. Also the only browser I
know of that can handle a multipart MIME message (I had to write it in
order to view clari.feature.dilbert seamlessly :)

Am currently working on basic style sheets, and will implement the rest
of HTML 3.0 as I find time on the weekends. :)

Oh, and of course, since it is written in/for emacs, it is customizable
in the extreme, which can make it a bit arcane to set up, but I will be
writing some Tcl/Tk scripts (for X11/NT) (and a DLL for windows) soon that
will make this easier.

-Bill P.