Re: Submit button in forms revisited

Richard L. Goerwitz (
Mon, 23 Jan 1995 09:25:52 +0100

> Emacs-w3 supports all of HTML 2.0, and the only things from HTML 3.0 not
>implemented are the MATHs, and a few little things with the tables support
>needs to be fixed before I release it for general consumption. I also
>threw in support for all of the netscape extensions, as well as a few put
>out by the Pythia people, as documented on their web site.

How's the multilingual support? I've been sitting on my hands for months,
waiting for the promised multilingual client support, so that I can put
some bibliographies and bilingual/multilingual dictionaries online. The
bibliographies contains titles in languages than English, naturally (e.g.,
German, Arabic, Hebrew, French, etc.).

Not to say that you should be everyone's slave programmer. What you've
done already is well worth commendation....

Richard Goerwitz