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Fri, 20 Jan 1995 12:21:48 +0100 writes:

> I am a student and it is a short time, I found Mosaic. This is a
> Marvellous program. Desfortunally, I work from a terminal. This is not a
> problem to view the graphics. I have to redirecction the variable DISPLAY
> to see it. The computer where is Mosaic is IBM RISC6000 and it has Kernel
> Shell, I must do:
> export DISPLAY=host:0.0
> The problem is when I want hear sound. In my computer I have speaker,
> in a SUN SPARC Station 1+. But if I play sound, it is hearing in the
> computer when Mosaic is instalated.
> My question is: What I have done to redirecction the sound to my computer?,
> In the IBM RISC6000, exist all the resources: X Play Gizmo, xv, showaudio,
> etc. Then, I need this in my computer? or perhaps, I must redirection the
> sound to my computer throught export any variable?

OK, first let me sumarise what I think your set-up is

You are running your client (Mosaic in this case) on the IBM with the
display set to a Sun Sparc which you are using, effectively, as an X
terminal. Correct?

You have three possibilities:

1) redirect audio like you have redirected the display
2) run a client on your Sun
3) hack

1) I remember somewhere that there were networked audio extensions for X -
was it in X11R6? I seem to remember NCD were in volved in developing
them - anyway when these were installed you set an audio variable
exactly the same as the display variable. This is all from memory and I
do not have a reference - perhaps someone else can give more details. I
know people from the X consortium read this list.

2) The simpler option might be to install your browser of choice on your
Sun, you would then get audio playing as standard without having to do
anything special. Depending on the relative loading of your Sun and the
IBM, this might also be faster.

3) Set up a viewer for MIME type audio/basic that runs a script that

a) copies the audio file to some directory that is NFS mounted between
the Sun and the IBM
b) does a remote shell to your Sun and runs the audio program on the sun
which reads the copy on the Sun
c) deletes the copied file

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