sound on Mosaic

Pedro Clemente Perez (
Thu, 19 Jan 1995 21:15:13 +0100


I am a student and it is a short time, I found Mosaic. This is a
Marvellous program. Desfortunally, I work from a terminal. This is not a
problem to view the graphics. I have to redirecction the variable DISPLAY
to see it. The computer where is Mosaic is IBM RISC6000 and it has Kernel
Shell, I must do:
export DISPLAY=host:0.0

The problem is when I want hear sound. In my computer I have speaker,
in a SUN SPARC Station 1+.

But if I play sound, it is hearing in the computer when Mosaic is instalated.
My question is: What I have done to redirecction the sound to my computer?,
In the IBM RISC6000, exist all the resources: X Play Gizmo, xv, showaudio,
etc. Then, I need this in my computer? or perhaps, I must redirection the
sound to my computer throught export any variable?

Please, help me, and response me with any solution or tell me that
this is impossible for I do not lost time any more.


Thank you in advance.