History of WWW, HTML and SGML

Fri, 20 Jan 1995 00:58:17 +0100

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> .I am researching for a project. I need some history and background
> .information on the WEB, HTML, and SGML. I have done some searches and
> .followed hundreds of links but have not found any good sources yet.
> .
> .I am looking for dates, people, development breakthroughs, and timelines.

Check out the Internet Starting Points Homepage (available from the
Navigation menu in Mosaic) It provides info on the Web project, key plays,
etc. That should be a good starting point for you.

> .Also lists or graphs of statistics about the web would be of great help.

Surf around some within the Web home pages. I remember seeing a graph
somewhere that illustrated the exponetial growth of the WWW, but I'm not
sure exactly where it is.

Good luck! ?8^)