Re: videomap
Fri, 20 Jan 1995 00:43:26 +0100

> The HTML language has the possibility for in-lined image. It is very useful for
> e.g. imagemaps. But what about video? Wouldn't it make one hell of an
> user interface to be able to click on a video image and then get the relevant
> document?
> The basic idea is simple. Video information is 3D in comparison to imagemap
> which is 2D. So we only need to return x,y, and t coordinates in stead of x and y
> in the imagemap case.
Considering reaction times you might want to set a t offset of, say, -5. As
in, hey, I really meant the frame I say a half sec ago. Or, use an mpeg
viewer that has freeze frame, step, fast forward, back, etc.