Re: Bug in <BASE ..> or in relative URL's? RFC for CGI-specification

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Thu, 25 Aug 94 16:59:09 +0200

> From Thu Aug 25 15:22:56 1994
> Subject: Re: Bug in <BASE ..> or in relative URL's? RFC for CGI-specification
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> > Why is it not possible to check for "file://localhost/./" and supposing
> > NOT to start at root (with the absolute path) but at your current dir? (This
> Well, not every OS works "current directory" like UNIX does. MS-Windows,
> for example, has a current directory for *each* mounted file system, and
> this is shared amongst all the processes. If one process changes the
> "current directory" on drive C, all processes see that change.
Well, I think the base of MS-Windows IS MSDOS and the MSDOS-file system
recognizes the '.' as your actual (current working) directory. So sorry,
but I don't understand what the problem is.
I wrote that Mosaic has been invoked from some current directory with
a LOCAL file, which is surely placed on a "mounted file system". And
I think, the client could easily get the information where it has been
invoked (by analyzing an (internal?) environment variable) and storing this
in a temporarily internal variable.

> So... which current directory should file://localhost/./ reference there?
Just where you started, see above.
> Remember, HTTP is not just UNIX. -- Darren
^ Of course, but I wrote too that this all is only related to
"file://"-(pseudo)-protocol, which has nothing to do with HTTP.

Am I wrong?