Re: heretical suggestion

Daniel W. Connolly (
Mon, 28 Mar 1994 17:25:39 --100

In message <199403260832.IAA14436@threejane>, Marc Andreessen writes:
>How about we take the state of the art of HTML plus forms as currently
>supported in Mosaic for X 2.2 -- and either fully supported or getting
>pretty damn close to being fully supported in a number of other
>browsers -- and issue an informational RFC within the next month or
>two, including a working & complete DTD.


I've had the same idea in mind ever since I got the notice that the
draft spec was expiring.

My strategy will be to start with the DTD from the draft spec,
add forms, make lists nestable, and make the DTD generally match
current practice, and then:


of documents demonstrating the various features and exploring boundary
cases an wierdnesses to be sure we've got what we want.

I've been collecting information on
* HTML "how to" documents
* Tools that produce/munge HTML
* Browsers/tools that consume HTML
in an effort to catalogue the features in use.

But I haven't spent the time to get much further than that.

If you've got an HTML file that you're not sure is compliant or
not, mail it to me and I'll put it in the suite.