Re: heretical suggestion

Lou Montulli (
Mon, 28 Mar 1994 22:26:08 --100

> > On a more serious (and somewhat unrelated) note:
> > I would really like to get forms clients to send the
> > value of the "submit" button selected to the server. This
> > will enable multiple "submit" buttons to performs different functions
> > on the same data. Maybe a separate attribute is needed to specify
> > whether or not to send the submit value so that existing forms
> > are not broken. There was alot of discussion about this when
> > Xmosaic forms first came out but I don't think anything happened
> > with it.
> This is now part of the HTML+ spec, and will soon appear in Mosaic.
I didn't see mention of this in
How is it specified. Is there anonther attribute to the submit type
or is the value of the submit button always sent? Will this break
existing implementations? How *EXACTLY* is it being implemented in
Xmosaic. (It's not always the same as the spec) Once I get the
answers to these burning questions I can get it implemented in
2.3 for release soon.


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