Re: complaint about CGI

Rob McCool (
Wed, 16 Mar 1994 02:24:22 --100

* Re: complaint about CGI by Markus Stumpf
* written on Mar 6, 5:25pm.
* Could we also have some support for the HTTP response the server
* will send?
* It would really be nice to be able to have a CGI script generate
* e.g. a FORBIDDEN message.
* All I managed to produce so far is to send back some HTML document
* that says forbidden but the server still tells OK.

How about a header line

Status: xxx mmm

where xxx is the 3 digit HTTP status code, and mmm is the message, such as

* When trying to implement e.g. proxy gateways via CGI scripts
* this is really needed I think or otherwise we can't have a
* transparent handling of the data.
* Or is it already there and I didn't notice that?

It's not.