Re: MacBinary question
Mon, 28 Feb 1994 14:11:18 --100

I have the same problem with Quicktime movies. I can't even save the file
to disk (under A/UX...) or read directly from A/UX to Mac Mosaic. The file
loses it's resource fork. I know that in the past I had a problem with
GIF's being transmitted from NCSA http, and found that the A/UX language
forces me to "split" the file in order to strip the GIF header. Possibly
your problem is similar. I haven't been able to figure out Quicktime movies
under NCSA Mosaic, but they work fine from my MacHTTP server. I think
discussion concerning Mac resources, and the way that the files are handled
by NCSA http is in order. (Preferrably under A/UX, but not limited to...)
(P.S., I create MM dir movies also,... I haven't gotten to the question you
presented, thanks for beating me to it! ;-)


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Subject: MacBinary question
Author: strata@fenchurch.MIT.EDU at SMTP-GW
Date: 2/25/94 9:01 AM

Forgive me if this has been discussed in detail, I've been wading through
the messages every week or so and trying to keep on top of things. I just
put up the NCSA httpd on a Sun for a consulting client, the latest available
one from (/pub/Mosaic/http/current or somesuch).

We want to put up multimedia files which were created with Macromind's
Director package. They have been saved as Player files, ie they are
self contained and do not need Director to be present on the client Mac
to run. I put up both .bin MacBinary files and .hqx files but
cannot retrieve either successfully with Mac Mosaic 1.0.1. A document is
created on the desktop if I specify "load to disk" and click on the MacBinary
version, but the document has no appropriate resource fork and merely asks me
if I want to open it with TeachText. Clicking on the .hqx file displays it as
ASCII text, and if I specify "load to disk" saves it as ASCII and again asks
me if I want to open TeachText on it.

Is there something specific that I need to be doing either to the server
or the Mac Mosaic client to get this to work? I am a little unclear even
after reading the online docs as to whether I need to explicitly create some
mapping in one of the .conf files between ".bin" and "Mac Binary"-- I made
sure it was in the client's profile, but perhaps the server needs to tell the
client as well?

Thanks for any assistance,

M. Strata Rose
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