Re: MacBinary question

Alexsander Totic (
Mon, 28 Feb 1994 16:33:20 --100

> talk about how to serve Mac files through HTTP....
> under NCSA Mosaic, but they work fine from my MacHTTP server. I think
> discussion concerning Mac resources, and the way that the files are handled
> by NCSA http is in order. (Preferrably under A/UX, but not limited to...)
> (P.S., I create MM dir movies also,... I haven't gotten to the question you
> presented, thanks for beating me to it! ;-)

Serving Mac files from http server presents a problem, since you cannot
serve the resource fork. If you try to use MacBinary, you will not be
able to launch the player application, because macMosaic will launch
MacCompress by default, that will uncompress your file, but will not
automatically launch the viewer for the uncompressed file. So, only files
that consist of data fork only can be served and launched immediately.
Good test to determine if this is the case is to transfer your file to
FTP server in binary mode, transfer it back to your Mac, restore its
creator/file type and see if it would play.