Re: Protocol Benchmarking (with Accept examples - long)

Alexsander Totic (
Thu, 3 Feb 1994 16:26:34 --100

> Correct me if I'm wrong but currently we send Accepts in a single outward
> call and get some form of result (either the document or an error)
> returned from the server. With your scheme we send a request, receive a
> list of possible types, send back a request for types the client can
> handle and then get the reponse from the server. Therefore we've gone
> from one round trip delay to two. Thus to save transmitting a few bytes
> we take an increased latency hit. Right?

I was thinking of sending only types that client can handle internally (GIF,
HTML, XBM), in the first request. Only if the requested file is an "unusual"
type, handled by external apps, would the second trip be necessary. This scheme
assumes that for a while, clients will to handle a few types internally, and
a large number of external types.