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UNESCO/CEPES, European Centre for Higher Education, Editor-in-
Chief: Adrian Nicolescu. Vol. 1: Western Europe and North America.
Munchen, New Providence, London, Paris: K. G. SAUR, 1993, 346 pp.
HB. DM 148.00. ISBN 3-598-11058-8. Vol. 2: Central and Eastern
Europe. 1995, HB, c.DM 148.00. ISBN 3-598-11059-6. Subscription
price until 31.12.1994 for the complete set DM 268.00. ISBN 3-598-

In 1993 CEPES, the UNESCO European Centre for Higher Education,
located in Bucharest (Romania), published the first volume of its
large-scale multilingual lexicon of higher education. The volume
defines over 4,100 terms relating to higher education in the
following 20 countries: Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland,
France, Germany, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Malta, The
Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, the UK,
and the USA. The terms are classified under 9 rubrics, each rubric
covering a major component of a higher education system (i.e. the
system; institutions and their structures; governing and
administrative bodies; academic staff; students; access and
admissions; teaching and learning; examining and evaluation;
degrees and diplomas). Within each rubric, the entries are listed
in the alphabetical order of the respective national and/or
official language or languages, followed by short definitions in

An alphabetical list of all higher education abbreviations used in
the body of the work, as well as a general country index complete
this first volume of Lexicon.

Volume 2, due to be published in 1995, will cover the higher
education terminology used in the Central and Eastern European
countries, plus Greece, Israel, and Turkey.

The Lexicon is a reliable source of information for individuals
whose lines of study, teaching, or research require them to study
or work abroad. At the same time, it proves to be an invaluable
guide for employers needing to know the level of education of
prospective employees who have studied educational systems
unfamiliar to them. The Multilingual Lexicon of Higher Education
should not be missing from the shelves of university libraries,
departments of education, and other bodies engaged in the field of
higher education.

Volume 1 can be ordered directly from: K. G. SAUR Verlag, A Reed
Reference Publishing Company, Postfach 701620, D-81316 Munchen,
Germany; tel.: 49-89-76902-0.

For more information on the Multilingual Lexicon of Higher
Education, please contact: Ms Mariana Patru, Editor, CEPES-UNESCO,
39, Stirbei Voda St., 70732 Bucharest, Romania; e-mail:

Monica Cucoanes
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