Re: Patch for NCSA httpd 1.1

Rob McCool (
Wed, 26 Jan 1994 09:05:06 -0600

* Re: Patch for NCSA httpd 1.1 by Guenther Fischer
* written on Jan 26, 8:12am.
* I was happy about the nice new features to index ftp archives directly
* per http (AddIcon, ReadmeName, AddType, ...), but the uncompressing of
* files like *.dvi.Z doeesn't work. Now I saw your patch and nothing
* is better. In the sources now I found the
* AddEncoding x-compress Z
* and now it works. Please put it in the sample srm.conf and in the
* documents or is it there?

It's in the docs but not in the sample srm.conf... I'll add it.

BTW Everyone who is sending me mail reminding me that I should delete the
extra LF, I KNOW.