Re: Patch for NCSA httpd 1.1

Guenther Fischer (
Wed, 26 Jan 1994 08:12:36 +0100 (MET)

> There is a slight bug in httpd 1.1 which will cause it to append an extra
> linefeed to the beginning of a compressed document. Rather than save a fix
> for 1.2, I'm just going update the distribution since I just put it out
> yesterday.
> If you already picked up a copy of httpd 1.1 and are using encoding, either
> pick up another binary from /Web/ncsa_httpd/current/bin, or, if you're using
> the source, apply the patch at the end of this message.

I was happy about the nice new features to index ftp archives directly
per http (AddIcon, ReadmeName, AddType, ...), but the uncompressing of
files like *.dvi.Z doeesn't work. Now I saw your patch and nothing
is better. In the sources now I found the
AddEncoding x-compress Z
and now it works. Please put it in the sample srm.conf and in the
documents or is it there?


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