<HTML> tags... a dead issue?

Bob Kaehms (kaehms@sedbsvr.se.ssd.lmsc.lockheed.com)
Thu, 13 Jan 94 14:34:00 PST

I went back and forth a bit with celloTom and mosaicJon a bit today (sorry to
drag you guys into this) because I was trying to figure out a solution to
going from Mosaic/Cello --> gopher -- WAIS, and returning an html doc.

Doing this on a unix box, I took a lucky guess and put a <HTML> tag at the
top of a html doc being returned. When I viewed this on the unix box, the
thing viewd fine. Tom said that it was an unofficial tag that was being
thrown around a while back, and that some viewers, including cello handle it
OK. MosaicWIN, and I assume MosaicMac, ignore the tag and view the doc as
plain text...

Is this a dead issue? Isn't this a simple way to handle some funky gateway
problems that will continually pop up? Is there another way such as filename
extensions that would work as well. Is there a decision near? Was there already
a decision made?

Sorry to beat a dead horse...
I'll take my answers off the air.