Re: Slow HTTP Responses

Lou Montulli (
Thu, 13 Jan 94 16:29:05 CST

> > Status: 20 % of search done
> > ... and a bit later
> > Status: 100 % done!
> WOW!!!!!! Does this mean that you have solved the halting problem?????
> Would you please explain how you are supposed to know what 20% done means? :-)
> Anyway, the point is that you could do this for timeout related functions
> but in that case you would be much better off just returning the timeout
> value to the client.

Only if the timeout value is known. Setting a maximum timeout is
next to useless for a sophisticated database. Only after the
query is parsed, and in many cases, the search begun can a
resonable estimate of time be given. This time value may
change dynamically due to limitless parameters.

> The *only* useful thing you could do is print warm fuzzies, but then the
> browser could really just fake that and everyone would be happy 99% of the
> time with 1% of the effort.
> --sanders
The Z39.50 people seem to think its pretty important, regular
status messages are an integral part of the newer specs.

This sort of thing becomes VERY important for any sort of
long database search. As forms really take off I expect to
see more and more long searches, some indication of server
progress is important, even if its nothing more that a message
saying: Still processing.


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