Re: Inline Images under A/UX won't display.

Roy T. Fielding (fielding@simplon.ICS.UCI.EDU)
Fri, 07 Jan 1994 05:12:14 -0800

Andre' <> writes:
> Images will not display inline from Xmosaic, MacMosaic, or WinMosaic.

That sounds like the same problem I am experiencing with 2-color GIFs
and Mosaic for X 2.1. They were fine in 2.0, but now they display as
blank on monochrome screens and sometimes blank/sometimes just faint grey
(depending on the image) on color screens. I'd bet this has something
to do with the GIF89 enhancement.

I notified NCSA (but I can imagine they are pretty busy right now) and
I have a test page setup on <> if anyone
wants to try their hand at debugging. Please let me know the results.

....Roy Fielding ICS Grad Student, University of California, Irvine USA