Inline Images under A/UX won't display.
Thu, 06 Jan 94 18:52:45 EDT

Problem: I used to run Mac http server and moved my html's and gif's
over to NCSA http server running under A/UX. Well, now, the image
transfers, but refuses to show up on the screen. I ftp'd a gif from a
live server that I know the gif works on, and that gif will not show
up when referenced from my server. When I, lview 3.1 reports back:
Invalid or unsupported Targa file. The file is clearly named navy.gif
and opens locally with lview 3.1. What's happening?

Images will not display inline from Xmosaic, MacMosaic, or WinMosaic.

I know the pictures are not corrupt gif's because they open locally
under Mac & PC as gif's. I'm clueless.