Re: Additions to the CGI archive

Dave_Raggett (
Tue, 4 Jan 94 19:04:18 GMT

Martijn Koster writes:

> - Did the discussion on built-in IMG's result into anything
> for HTML+ ? If not, can we advance the discussion?

We are all waiting impatiently for URN's as the long term
solution for this. Of course, browsers can use an internal
syntax for including icons in ftp directory listings etc.
provided this doesn't clash with legal URLs.

Maybe we ought to come up with a de facto URN mechanism, e.g.


The DOMAIN is an opaque alphanumeric string which is used
to track down the domain servers a la DNS and identify the
individual URN.

In this model, URN's can stand for single objects or for
families of related objects, which can be selected from
according to the value of the SELECTORS, e.g. language,
most recent version, ...

The binding process converts such URNs into one or more
URLs plus info differentiating family members and giving
other useful info, e.g. ownership, date created, ...

> - Can a DT in a DL have multiple DD's? Mosaic copes nicely,
> but HTML+ talsk about <B>pairs</B>..

In the forthcoming revision to the HTML+ DTD I allow zero or
more DTs per DD which seems to be whats needed. I am also well
on the way to a working HTML+ browser. Including the capability
to support multiple hardware colormaps, so that you never run
out of colors.