A/UX Compiling httpd 1.0

Tue, 04 Jan 94 12:15:13 EDT

When I tried to compile httpd_1.0 under A/UX 3.02 (Apple's Unix),
I get this:

dolomite.root # make
gcc -c -g -DSUNOS4 http_config.c
Make: *** Error: Can't load 'gcc' (No such file or directory)
Make: [line 57 in /httpd_1.0/src/Makefile]

Make: *** Error: Update of `http_config.o' terminated with exit code 1
Make: [line 57 in /httpd_1.0/src/Makefile]

What next? Gotta start somewhere...

Andre' Doles
Systems Administrator
Space & Naval Warfare Systems Command HQ