Re: CGI SPec change

Rob McCool (
Tue, 14 Dec 1993 02:08:36 -0600

* CGI SPec change by Charles Henrich (
* written on Dec 14, 1:19am.
* Okay guys, I got an idea. (That will solve my problem :) and hopefully make
* everyone's life easier in handling "state" information.
* I propose that when a server see's a URL like so:
* http://URL;hello there;bob
* It returns the document http://URL and then passes the whole thing to the
* called scripts. State information can be cleanly preserved that way.

The specification already allows this... in extra path information.

That means that if you have a script called /foo/interactive.html, and your
user accesses it with /foo/interactive.html/nodisp?100,100, you would get

/nodisp in PATH_INFO
100,100 in QUERY_STRING

Is this similar to what you have in mind?