Re: PC Lynx

Lou Montulli (
Thu, 9 Dec 93 13:35:28 CST

> Lou,
> > In the near future you will be able to use the all new PC Lynx
> > which is currently under development.
> Sounds great, will it work in a 640K machine for all those folks
> with old machines (sounds of "real world" echoing in distance)?

That's the idea. Well let NCSA & Cornell do all the fancy stuff and
KU can fill in those unsightly gaps in between :)

> It would also be neat if it worked with a modem, but without SLIP.
> I spent some time thinking about this, and decided that one could
> easily run the networking stuff as a program on the "mainframe",
> with a cache etc. given that error correction is handled by modems.

Yes that would be an option once it's stable.

> This approach gives you much better scrolling speeds than just
> running Lynx under a terminal emulator, plus the ability to save
> locally and to use a local printer. Borland's C++ package takes
> away the pain of having to deal with different display types.

We are using turbo vision to give a psuedo windowing capibility,
mouse control, pull down windows, and an overall nice apperance.

> p.s. I am beavering away on the revised DTD, and hope to publish it
> soon as I get test cases to work well on SGML authoring tools.
Looking forward to it.


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