Re: Browser handling of URL's with '?' in them7

Alexsander Totic (
Thu, 9 Dec 1993 11:50:23 -0600 (CST)

> think it should).So the question is this, whats the definitive behavior for a
> browser when it encounters a URL like:
> http://somehost/somedoc?item
> and is clickable (i.e ismap). When someone enter's clicks should the resulting
> URL be:
> http://somehost/somedoc?item?x,y (as mosaic for X handles it)
> or
> http://somehost/somedoc?x,y
> as in the case of the Mosaic for Mac's?

In the URL's specs, '?' is defined as the separator between the document
name and the search string. I have understood this to mean that only a
single question mark is allowed. This behavior works well for <ISINDEX>
pages, and I think that we should not make ISMAP an exception.