Re: CGI/1.0: last call

Rob McCool (
Sat, 4 Dec 1993 19:58:17 -0600

* Re: CGI/1.0: last call by Ari Luotonen (
* written on Dec 4, 3:46pm.
* As for Location:, if the returned URL is not full, but has a #label
* in the end, the server either has to do a redirection anyway, or
* you'll have to mark this as illegal.

Good point. Since there may also be ? in the path, I think we should require
that people use a full URL if they want to send a # or ? in the file name.

* Could you give me an example of PATH_INFO, PATH_TRANSLATED and
* SCRIPT_NAME, if I have a request:
* /htbin/script/foo/bar?a=b&c=d
* I didn't fully understand them... Thanks!

I'll add examples to make things clearer. Anyway, to answer this particular
example, assume that you're using NCSA httpd and DocumentRoot is
/document_root, and that /htbin/script is the actual script to be executed.


To elaborate on PATH_TRANSLATED: This is the physical file that the server
would return if the client requested /foo/bar. For some servers, this may be
the same as PATH_INFO.

I'll add a complete example.