ts (decoux@moulon.inra.fr)
Wed, 17 Nov 93 07:20:31 +0100


I've make a few modification to WWW-oracle :

* I've adopted Sanders's modification for "rowid" and "lock"

* add tag "<TEXTAREA>" for Oracle datatype "LONG CHAR". Don't forget you
can only have one column with this datatype in a table.

* You must confirm a "DELETE"

* server display comments associated with a table or a column

Example :

moulon% sqlplus
moulon% SQL> COMMENT ON TABLE PROJETS IS '<img src="/moon.xbm"><p>';
moulon% SQL> COMMENT ON COLUMN PROJETS.PROJET IS 'Please,if you have a nice
moon, <a href="http:/ts.html">send me it</a><p>';
moulon% SQL> EXIT

Problem : length <= 255 (Oracle restriction)

* I've a problem with "release_lock" : when a user put a lock, I send it
in a document. To release a lock, the user must give the good lock. If he
lost his lock, he can't release it.

I use this special convention :

- If a user has "CHECKIN" and "CHECKOUT" : he can put a lock and release
only his own lock.

- If a user has all privileges "GET ... CHECKOUT" : he can release any

Please, send me any suggestions or comments before I try to debug it.


Guy Decoux