Re: html files not named .html

Aleksandar Totic (
Tue, 16 Nov 93 20:03:53 CST

> I don't agree that servers should ALWAYS return a content-type:
> because there is a defined default if content-type is missing.
> sez:
> The data (if any) sent with an HTTP request or reply is in a format
> and encoding defined by the object header fields, the default being
> "plain/text" type with "8bit" encoding.
> *However*, defensive programming would dictate that you be explicit.
> Note that the HTTP/1.0 spec:
> has changed a bit over the past few months. Both server and browser
> authors should probably re-read it.

Oh no. I think that XMosaic and MacMosaic assume HTML. I have had it
set on plain, but changed it to HTML because too many people have
complained about crappy documents. Example is NII server.