Re: ALT tag used in IMG

Dave_Raggett (
Wed, 22 Sep 93 16:20:15 BST

Frans van Hoesel writes:

> the ALT tag goes like

> <img src="some_url" alt="some title">

> The text "some title is displayed in place of the image on line mode
> browsers instead of the default text [IMAGE]. ALT can be have the value ""
> in which case nothing is printed. This seems to me a very useful extension.
> I added it already to the first page of the expo, and that gave great
> improvement of the line mode view of the world.

> However I see no such tag in the html+ definition (Mine may be old though)

I wonder if there isn't a better way. One idea is to allow a version of IMG
which takes an end tag. The contents of this element is the textual
description of the image, which can then be displayed by line mode browsers.
A further wrinkle is to allow the use of the <A> element in this text. This
allows you to specify polygonal buttons (using a new poly attribute) and
also to allow users to click them when using line mode browsers. Neat eh!

I hope to explain this in more detail in the new draft of HTML+ (thats if
you folks think it makes sense).


Dave Raggett