ALT tag used in IMG

frans van hoesel (
Tue, 21 Sep 1993 18:47:34 +0100 (DST)


For support in linemode browsers (and possibly in the iconic images that marc
has added to the latest release of xmosaic ...Hi marc, you can perhaps use
it as a title:-) I want to use the ALT tag as suggested to me by Lou.

the ALT tag goes like
<img src="some_url" alt="some title">
The text "some title is displayed in place of the image on line mode browsers
instead of the default text [IMAGE]. ALT can be have the value "" in which case
nothing is printed.
This seems to me a very useful extension. I added it already to the first
page of the expo, and that gave great improvement of the line mode
view of the world.

However I see no such tag in the html+ definition (Mine may be old though)

can I use this tag, should I, will it be part of HTML+
(I'm hoping for three times yes here :-)

any comments are appreciated (you can leave them on the EXPO bulletin board
if you want to)

- frans