Re: anchors with the same name.

Lou Montulli (
Fri, 13 Aug 93 11:38:34 CDT

> Follwing up on Lou Montulli:
> > This is my official plee for marc and eric to
> > stop supporting such bad html. Some of the things they have done
> > I agree have usefulness, but there is TOO much tolorance for other
> > things that should never be tolarated.
> This is exactly the point I was trying make yesterday. Bad markup
> (ie. markup that violates the rules defined in the DTD) is
> BAD. Period.
> Browsers should produce error messages whenever they encounter bad
> markup. If they don't, you can't reasonably expect information
> providers ("authors") to get it right, can you?
> > I purpose that we submit a list of the bad markup that is tolorable.
> > (i.e. <p>'s anywhere, etc.) That way we can all support these things
> > and maybe even write some consistent documentation. All the rest,
> > like headers in lists, bad anchor/list/emphasis nesting, etc.
> > can be expunged.
> >
> I disagree, because that approach will lead to endless discussions as
> to whether which types of "bad markup" are most acceptable. If you
> want to permit <P> et al. all kinds of strange places (I, for one,
> don't), then permit it in the DTD for heaven's sake. Everything else
> is anarchy, which will take us nowhere.

OK, lets get it into the DTD! We still have maybe a week or two before
Tim has a chance to update the DTD to what we decided on at the WWWWW,
so lets give everyone else a chance to put in their two cents about
what should be in there. Does anyone wish to purpose a list of
things (bad markup perhaps?) that are currently supported by browsers,
(Xmosaic in particular), that should be added to the HTML 1.0 DTD.


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