Re: anchors with the same name.

Klaus Harbo (
Fri, 13 Aug 1993 08:38:03 +0200

Follwing up on Lou Montulli:

> This is my official plee for marc and eric to
> stop supporting such bad html. Some of the things they have done
> I agree have usefulness, but there is TOO much tolorance for other
> things that should never be tolarated.

This is exactly the point I was trying make yesterday. Bad markup
(ie. markup that violates the rules defined in the DTD) is
BAD. Period.

Browsers should produce error messages whenever they encounter bad
markup. If they don't, you can't reasonably expect information
providers ("authors") to get it right, can you?

> I purpose that we submit a list of the bad markup that is tolorable.
> (i.e. <p>'s anywhere, etc.) That way we can all support these things
> and maybe even write some consistent documentation. All the rest,
> like headers in lists, bad anchor/list/emphasis nesting, etc.
> can be expunged.

I disagree, because that approach will lead to endless discussions as
to whether which types of "bad markup" are most acceptable. If you
want to permit <P> et al. all kinds of strange places (I, for one,
don't), then permit it in the DTD for heaven's sake. Everything else
is anarchy, which will take us nowhere.

> Sick of bug reports because "It works in Mosaic",