anchors with the same name.

Lou Montulli (
Thu, 12 Aug 93 19:12:10 CDT

I found out something interesting today. If there are two links
in a document with the same name.
<A name=3 href="whatever">foo</a> and
<A name=3 href="different_whatever">bar</a>

the WWW library will give the second link the same href as the previous one.

This has caused a bit of confusion to say the least. When you select the
second one you get the first one's data instead!

A good example of this is in the Mosaic multimedia demo:
(look for name=8, and name=9)

Now for the question. Should we fix this (like mosaic has) and let users
write hororific HTML which will confuse them to no end when they try
to modify and maintain it? Or should we not fix it, so that users
can figure out that they have a problem????


Oh! BTW I've got a pre-release version of Lynx 2.0.11 about ready to go.
You can pick it up at in the /pub directory.

You can demo it out by telnet'ing to, login
as 'www' and select "about lynx". There you will find a link
to a demo session of lynx 2.0.11. (nothing fancy)

The following changes have been made.

Many style changes have been made to make HTML rendering
more closely resemble XMosaic.

* Added Nested Lists, up to six levels, with different bullets
for each level.

* Due to the fact that nearly everyone seems to use <p> to mean
two returns within the same style, and Mosaic has been kind
enough to support this meaning, :( :( :( I have changed
the <p> tag to reflect this interpretation. <p> can be used
anywhere and will mean insert two returns. (i.e. two <br> tags)

* Made the default Mime type for unknown file types on ftp servers
to be text/plain. Previously the WWWLibrary had the default
as application/octet-stream which meant that most files could not
be viewed.

* Changed the ADDRESS style to be more like XMosaic
Left flush, newline top and bottom

* The Statusline now displays the URL when retrieving files.

* added BR (linebreak) tag!

* added HR (horizontal rule tag!

* All spaces, tabs and returns are now collapsed down do one

* fixed bug whiched caused certain links beginning at the
begining of a line to be bad.

* added '*' (stars) to unordered lists and numbers to ordered

* changed dir lists to be more like menu lists.

* all emphasis, physical and symantic, now have _underlines_
around them to show emphasis.

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