Network Access to Multimedia Information

Chris Adie (
Tue, 29 Jun 93 16:29:00 WET DST

RARE recently commissioned a report on network access to multimedia
information. This report has now been completed, and is available by
anonymous FTP. The full report is rather lengthy, so there is a short
summary available as well.

Directory: /pub/mmaccess
Filenames: report.doc Report in Word for Windows 2 format (binary!) Report in Postscript form
report.txt Report in ASCII text form
summary.doc Summary in Word for Windows 2 format (binary!) Summary in Postscript form
summary.txt Summary in ASCII text form
*.*.Z Each of the above files run through Unix
compress program (binary!)

I'd welcome feedback, comment etc. Discussion of the report is probably
best conducted on the Multimedia Information Services list, To subscribe, mail with

JOIN MMIS yourfirstname yourlastname

in the body of the message.

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