2.07 and WAIS<->WWW *sources*?

paolo petta (paolo@venedig.ai.univie.ac.at)
Tue, 22 Jun 1993 00:31:44 +0200

Versions 2.07 of the library and the line mode browser have been
available at info.cern.ch for a couple of days now...

My questions:

1) will the sources be published, too?
(there are only the 2.06 right now...)

2) does this version already include the WAIS-WWW gateway functionality?
(if I am not totally mistaken this was hinted at by TBL...)

3) if the WAIS-WWW gateway is not included in 2.07, could some kind soul
please point me to a source? We need to set one up for our
internal use (and thus can't rely on `external' gateways - not
to speak of the bottleneck of our feeble internet connection)

Thank you very much indeed!


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