Re: HTML spec

Marc Andreessen (
Mon, 21 Jun 93 12:03:46 -0500

Dave_Raggett writes:
> So why don't we lobby Adobe to put in URL based links into its next version
> of Postscript and go home now?

I wonder...

> Seriously - how much interest is there in a non-proprietary,
> lightweight extendable format derived from HTML? Am I barking up the
> wrong tree with HTML+ ?

Lots and nope. I think you're doing a great job with HTML,
particularly in that HTML+ will greatly enhance the capabilities of
WWW systems; it will get a lot of use and I look forward to supporting
it, as I've said before. But I would think that whether or not SGML
had anything to do with it or not, and I think it will be useful
to more people if SGML isn't allowed to philosophically restrict it
(similar to the way HTML became more useful with <I> and <B>).